More bumps in the road? Biden claims Afghan troops trained ‘without incident’!/SeanGHiggins/status/256575381019176960 Vice President Biden stopped laughing long enough during the debate to make the bold claim that the United States has trained more than 315,000 troops and police in Afghanistan without incident. Viewers familiar with the rash of “green-on-blue” attacks in the country, which accelerated after the administration announced a 2014 withdrawal, took some issue with […]

Out of Hot Pockets? Cory Booker can’t help!/DAT_NIGGA_REEE/status/264019602835640320 Yesterday, Twitchy reported on Newark, NJ, residents complaining to Mayor Cory Booker about spoiled food. But those people had nothing on one Hot Pockets aficionado, who begged Booker to replenish his dwindling supply. Throughout the Hurricane Sandy crisis, Booker has gone above and beyond for the people of Newark, but it seems that even […]