100 days before election, conservatives prepare to dethrone Obama

http://twitter.com/#!/steveyuhas/status/229678515723841536 Today marks 100 days until Americans go to the polls in November. Many conservatives have been waiting on this period for some time. The chance to send President Obama packing is just around the corner. To those in Rio Linda – there's an election in 100 days. #TheElectionByProfession — Christian Collins (@mediachristian4) July 29, […]

Oof: Nicki Minaj accuses Steven Tyler of racism

http://twitter.com/#!/NICKIMINAJ/status/273181717303529474 Former “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler evidently doesn’t have much confidence in new judge Nicki Minaj’s ability to spot talent, telling MTV News that she would vote off Bob Dylan if he were a show contestant. Not terribly chivalrous of him, but was it racist? Minaj thought so, and she took to Twitter to […]