In Gujarat, dead cows are not mere carcasses but a Rs 1,200-crore business – Times of India

“Everyone wants to use leather products, but will beat up the guy who gets it out of the dead animal for them,” he utters with disgust, spitting the remnants of some chewed tobacco on the ground, as he resumes his work. Read more:

Letter sent to Sen. Roger Wicker tests positive for ricin, theories fly!/JesseRodriguez/status/324290258701254658 Several news sources are confirming that a suspicious letter addressed to Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker and intercepted has tested positive for the biotoxin ricin. Envelope tested positive for RICIN POISON intercepted at US CAPITOL offsite mail facility, sources tell #CNN.#breakingnews — Jake Carpenter (@jakeacarpenter) April 16, 2013 #CNN BREAKING NEWS – Possible Ricin tainted […]