George Lopez: ‘Mitt Romney is an F–ing Latino and he won’t admit it’!/asuchris/status/224631389956485121 Comedian George Lopez says Mitt Romney will not receive support from Latinos in the upcoming election because he is a “Fucking Latino, and he won’t admit it.” Lopez went on to remind his audience that Romney’s father was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. George Lopez, an embarrassing idiot, said Romney is Latino. Doesn't agree with NAACP […]

Epic debate in development?!/DanIsett/status/215986978792026113 A challenger emerges. @DanIsett I'll debate you! What's the topic? #PleaseBeBestBookInTwilightSeries — Dan Joseph (@DanJoseph78) June 22, 2012 @DanJoseph78 oh.. its on! #PleaseBeBestBookInTwilightSeries — Dan Isett (@DanIsett) June 22, 2012 @DanIsett I like the one where Bella almost gets hit by a car. Still, could have been a lot better. — Dan Joseph (@DanJoseph78) […]